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Introducing our very own Hyperion Online Android App!

A portal for gamer enthusiast focus in testing and delivering new free Android apps and games for QVGA ARMV6 phones (e.g. Galaxy Y, Alcatel Glory 918n, Galaxy Mini,) with a twist of Anime! This blog will also focus with latest technology trend and random events.
The Hyperion Online app for Android is a simple app that allows you to view our website, download apps, games, and more at your fingertips!  With this app, installing new tested games and apps is now easier, faster, and convenient as you don't need your computer to transfer the files to your phone anymore. Currently the software is at version 0.8, so expect some great new features to come!

Known Issues: Hyperion Video is not yet optimize for Mobile as tagged by YouTube - we are still working on this at the moment as we have to compensate quality and compress the video for lower bandwidth consumption.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • What is QR code? 
QR code is a two-dimensional matrix code similar to a bar code. To download from QR code you'll need to use any bar scanner App. Search for "Barcode Scanner" on the Android Market. 
  • How do I install Apps?
To install apps from the web, you need to enable your mobile device to install apps from third-party places.
To do so, please open Settings, then choose Applications and make sure that the "Unknown sources" checkbox is checked.

There are 2 ways to download this app:
  1. You can either click the "DOWNLOAD APP" button
  2. Or, you can open a barcode scanner on your mobile device and scan the QR code.
    You will be prompted to open a link in a browser.
    Click Open browser and the App will download.
    Click Downloaded App in the device's notification area to install it.
  • What are the requirements to run Apps?
To run Hyperion Online App, your Android OS version must be 2.1 or higher, and you must have an Internet connection enabled.
For Apps that use Flash, you´ll need Adobe Flash Player installed.
Search Android Market for "Adobe Flash" to find and install the Flash Player. 
  • I start an App but I don´t see anything. Why 
If your App doesn´t run or is running incorrectly, there are several possible reasons:
  1. Your Android OS version is lower than 2.1
  2. The App is using Flash and you don´t have Adobe Flash Player installed
  3. You haven´t established an Internet connection via Wi-Fi or mobile network 



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