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Sleep as Android v20110916 FULL APK

Written By Ukiya on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 | 10:12 AM

Track your sleep and wake up gently with nature sounds in optimal sleep phase

Alarm clock with sleep cycle tracker. Wakes you gently in light sleep for pleasant mornings. Features: sleep graph history, sleep debt stats, sharing (FaceBook, email), nature alarms (birds, sea, storm...) with gradual volume up, music volume down when asleep, captcha, sleep talk/snoring recording (2 weeks trial)
aka "Sleep as an Droid"

Learn More: Google Play
APK Link: Download Now

Comments - a great android alarm clock that gives you a report of your sleeping pattern, sleep behavior, also helps you wake up on time, and much more.

Disclaimer: Consider to use as trial only and support the developer if you like the app. Whilst for any copyright concerns, please refer to DCMA & Privacy. In addition, if you are having an issue with the download process or the app itself, please visit our FAQ page. Thank you.
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