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Galaxy Tarot Pro v1.6.6 APK

Written By Ukiya on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 | 12:23 PM

Enhance your Intuition with Galaxy Tarot Reader and Encyclopedia.

Upgrade to Pro for seven more card spreads, extra card properties including associated Chakra, Astrology and I-Ching, more background themes and Android Live wallpaper support. No ads.
Galaxy Tarot Pro is a complete Tarot app for people who love the Tarot. It provides functions for drawing a single tarot card or pulling one of ten complete tarot spreads including the Celtic Cross.
A unique tarot spread analyzer examines themes in your spread just like a professional reader would do. You can also browse the complete deck and navigate between card associations such as suite, number, card symbolism and associated chakra, astrological symbol, element, planet, color, rune, i-ching or crystal, providing a complete tarot encyclopedia experience.
Spreads and personal card notes can be saved and a daily card widget is provided. Choose from ten background themes or use your Android live wallpaper.
Feature List:
* Draw a single card to gain insight into any moment or situation.
* Go deeper with choice of ten card spreads. Spread descriptions help you choose the best spread for your situation, and every card position is clearly defined. Includes the Celtic Cross, Relationship, House of Astrology, 12 Month Calendar, Chakras, Horseshoe, Tree of Life, Three Card Spread and more.
* Navigate simply through card meanings and keywords from multiple sources, including Arthur Waite, the creator of the Rider-Waite deck, or link to Wikipedia for even more information about each card.
* Full Tarot encyclopedia allows browsing the complete deck or sort by associated property such as: Suit, number, contained card symbology, element, planet, astrological symbol, color, rune, i-ching and crystal. Or navigate between cards using these associated properties.
* Tarot Spread Analyzer helps you understand the bigger picture. Just like a real-life Tarot reader, this unique feature offers an overview of the theme of your entire spread by analyzing common elements present.
* Reversed cards option.
* Tarot Card of the Day widget in three sizes.
* Tarot Journal allows you to save your spreads and notes.
* Interactive card shuffling and selection option.
* View your entire spread, or zoom in to see individual card details.
* A choice of ten background themes for your spreads or use any Android live wallpaper


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APK Link: Download Now

Comments - predict your future with this awesome app available for Android - the cards doesn't lie - but its us who controls our own destiny, serve this us a guide and choose the path on your own - LOL

Disclaimer: Consider to use as trial only and support the developer if you like the app. Whilst for any copyright concerns, please refer to DCMA & Privacy. In addition, if you are having an issue with the download process or the app itself, please visit our FAQ page. Thank you.
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