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Burning Tires v2.0 APK

Written By Ukiya on Monday, September 10, 2012 | 8:52 AM

Burning Tires™ – Breakneck-fast 3D racing action against tough opponents in the most adventurous places on earth!
There are no asphalt streets, no normal cars and definitely no consideration among the competitors in Burning Tires™. The competitors race their off-road racers with gigantic tires and engines up to 1000 HP in break-neck car races through the dusty deserts of North America, the icy plains of Antarctica and over lava fields of Iceland.
  • A dozen detailed courses in three different environments
  • Different fun racers with individual road performances
  • Realistic 3D physics-based gameplay with up to three opposing vehicles
  • Can also be played in full-screen horizontal mode for a true console-like feeling
  • Action replay with dynamic cameras
You will race at top speed and with daring jumps past dangerous ice crevices, over mirror-smooth glaciers and glowing streams of molten lava. You have to constantly be on your guard, even if you are supposedly securely in the lead, because your opponents will take advantage of every opportunity to ram you and force you off the course, even right before the finish line, and win the race for themselves.
You can bring a true console-like feeling to your mobile phone with full-screen horizontal mode and review the gripping dual for first place immediately after the race in replay mode.
There are seven individual fun racers and a dozen tracks with a completely different driving experience for you to choose from in Burning Tires™. Download this extraordinary racing game onto your mobile phone now and race full tilt on the most dangerous racing tracks on earth!


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Comments - an off road racing with great 3D effects, run smoothly on any Android phones, runs pretty well on QVGA ARMV6 android phones (e.g. Galaxy Y, Alcatel 918n, etc.).

Disclaimer: Consider to use as trial only and support the developer if you like the app. Whilst for any copyright concerns, please refer to DCMA & Privacy. In addition, if you are having an issue with the download process or the app itself, please visit our FAQ page. Thank you.
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