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Keep your Computer in Top Condition! Free Windows Utility

Written By Ukiya on Monday, August 13, 2012 | 1:54 PM

Now a days, computer has become a necessity and slow computer can create a lot of down falls especially in terms of productivity and time, previously we have covered a guide how to tune up your windows computer, but today we will focus on a famous free software 'CCleaner' available online that delivers significant impact on our PC performance and overall system maintenance.

CCleaner (also known as Crap Cleaner) is a program that allows you to clean and remove unnecessary files on your computer which allows Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also removes different traces of your online activities such as Internet history which is perfect for your internet privacy. Furthermore it has an inbuilt Registry Cleaner, Startup Tool, and Uninstall Tool..

Basically for those who are new to Windows, Registry Cleaner is a program that repairs invalid, redundant, and inconsistent registry files when a program is installed on your PC, overtime when we use our PC --- sudden reboot, corrupted files or updates, malware and spyware infestation can lead to registry error which will make your system run slower or totally unusable, hence Registry Cleaner will attempt to fix this issue, though it is important to back up your registry before fixing it, as possible spyware or malware that infected your registry can lead to a computer issue like corruption of your system and so on, thought the good thing about CCleaner is that it has a back up utility and works without any issues. 

Whilst for Startup Tool, this is where we can control different programs that automatically runs when you start your PC, for better performance and to conserve memory, you can disable those programs safely using this feature, we strongly advise that you only disable third party programs like Yahoo Messenger, Java Update, Rea Player, iTunes, and so on. as pre-installed programs might be required by your Windows System. (NOTE: Never disable security programs like your antivirus and firewall). Lastly for Uninstall Tool, some malwares and spywares that has been installed on your PC without your knowledge doesn't have an uninstall menu when you go to control panel, hence this is where CCleaner plays an important role as it can uninstall any programs on your PC easily with a click of a button. 

CCleaner is definitely a must and an important software that should be installed on our PC, its free with a very friendly user interface and a tool that can definitely make a huge improvement on your Windows Computer.

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