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Call of Mini - Zombies v1.0 APK

Written By Ukiya on Monday, August 20, 2012 | 2:04 PM

The Smash-Hit #1 Action Game in the App Store is now on Android!

LOCK 'n' LOAD and come out GUNS BLAZING in HD GLORY!
A strange virus has taken hold in a small town; one after another, the town's people have succumbed, losing their appetite for food and gaining one for BRAINS.
A few brave men hold out against all hope, machine guns and rocket launchers their only aid. Will they survive another day?

That's up to YOU.
  • Amazing 3D VISUALS
  • Fast & furious RUN-AND-GUN ACTION
  • Awesome WEAPONS in the ARMORY
Learn More: Amazon App Store
APK Link: Download Now
Mirror: File Downloads

Comments - one of the best zombie shooter game so far on Android Phone, runs pretty well with Chainfire 3D settings and you can also tweak the sensitivity for convenience.
Gotta Kill 'em All!

Chainfire Settings:
Reduce Texture Size: Yes
Disable RGBA emu: Yes

Disclaimer: Consider to use as trial only and support the developer if you like the app. Whilst for any copyright concerns, please refer to DCMA & Privacy. In addition, if you are having an issue with the download process or the app itself, please visit our FAQ page. Thank you.
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