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Best way to Defrag your Hard Drive - Free Maintenance!

Written By Ukiya on Sunday, August 19, 2012 | 3:56 PM

As a windows user, defragmenting our computer's hard disk is a very tedious and time consuming activity especially for older computers as it takes an hour or more for it to complete, for those who are new to defragmenting or even its your first time to hear this, basically how defragging works --- it re-organized / re-arranged your files in order for the windows computer to retrieve the files easily and faster, as windows works in a way similar to a wardrobe cabinet, wherein if your clothes are arranged vertically, and once you are going to get a shirt in the middle, most likely it will crumple the other shirts a bit especially if you will just take it right away. Overtime, your clothes are already disorganized or will clutter if you are not careful or not fixing it in real time or probably lazy enough to fix it lol, and definitely this kind of logic follows how windows system works.

Basically windows retrieve the file from its directory, and every time we install a program, especially more than 2 GB, it will create fragmented files wherein its not arranged from computer's system perspective hence it will take a bit of time for our PC to pull up specific files if required, we might not notice this as it takes seconds to milliseconds for our computer to process these information, but if our hard drive is already fragmented and has consumed a lot of space already, then definitely you will start experiencing that your PC is already a bit sluggish and pulling up files from your computer is already taking a lot of time, thus to solve this problem is to defrag your hard disk weekly or possibly after installing multiple programs at once ranging from 2GB up.

Hence this week at Hyperion Online, we would like to introduce a free software with great organizing capability called "Smart Defrag2". Smart Defrag2 is a great free program that allows our windows computer to defrag automatically without taking a lot of memory from our windows resources, which means, it will not interfere with your daily computer activities such as gaming, surfing or just simply watching a video or listening to a music. Smart Defrag will just sit in our system tray and won't even pop up like some annoying free sofware available on the net. Furthermore it can generate history and real time statistics of your hard disk if ever you are curious if what's the over all status of your hard disk is working at the moment. It also has a capability to defrag during boot time for further maintenance and what is also good about this program is the 24/7 support from its developer and a very friendly user interface that we can easily navigate and learn how to use it. so get it now and forget about your defragging issues today.

Note: Picture above is taken from midlifemommusings.blogspot.com
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