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Symphony of Eternity v1.1.1 APK

Written By Ukiya on Friday, July 13, 2012 | 1:24 PM

This story mainly includes two factor: One is the quest for a legendary weapon "Regratlute" which makes its bearer's desires come true.

The hero Kreist is the cool guy who're willing to get the weapon and take the happy golden years, rescuing his concerned people with the power of Regratlute. His friend Dauturu is the hot-hearted ancient golem who agrees Kreist's dream.
Kemco’s translation team competently delivers Symphony’s story, the script faring best when it tends toward humor. Its story holds great dramatic potential as well, and it’s agonizing to see this go untapped by virtue of plot structure. A coup d’état and a kingdom in peril should have made for a rich kickoff, especially when the hero and his big metallic sidekick befriend a character who vaguely resembles the princess deposed in the intro. I had my suspicions and looked forward to being strung along by a gradually unraveling mystery, but the obvious question is bluntly put to rest in Symphony‘s first ten minutes. A humdrum quest for a magical substance ensues, robbing that critical first hour of the narrative oomph it needs to really capture a jaded RPG fan’s interest. That said, if you’re a fan of lighthearted character banter and don’t really need a thought provoking tale to help you sink into an RPG, you’ll still get plenty of mileage out of the funny quips the hero and his dutiful sidekick constantly deliver. --- excerpt from Ifanzine.com

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Comments - a great classic turn based RPG with a great plot, if you like Final Fantasy games, then this game is definitely a good game to explore.

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