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SD Card Buying Guide

Written By Ukiya on Thursday, July 12, 2012 | 7:27 AM

I noticed when most of us will buy a new SD card, what we really care about is the size (storage / memory) and price, however we didn't realize that each SD card has its own speed capacity, hence today, I would like to discuss about SD card speed - as speed matters! Especially when we are capturing live audio and video using our phone, loading games and applications, pulling up resources or files from our sd card storage, as high speed sd cards boast fast write times that ensure that no data is lost and that all files are used with minimal latency. In short, faster sd card will result to less file corruption as well.

With that said, choosing reliable, high speed SD cards is indeed an obvious necessity. But the plurality of manufacturers offering SD cards makes it difficult to tell which is the fastest, or at least fast enough. The SD Association addresses this issue by maintaining a number of standards that help consumers choose SD cards based on speed. click on this link to learn more about SD card speeds.

So as a golden rule, if you will buy your new sd card next time, just don't check the price, size and brand, but consider the speed as well, as a quick reference, please see the image below :)

Hope this will serve as a guide in buying your future sd cards, so ask for the class next time and get a greater value of your purchase!
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