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Written By Ukiya on Monday, July 16, 2012 | 1:27 PM

 MX Player - The best way to enjoy your movies.

There are a couple of well thought out usability features that the MX Video Player has too, such as the ability to edit the subtitles of your movies. With the subtitle feature you can edit the size, font and even add an outline to the text, so for example, your white subtitles do not blend in with a white background. The MX Video Player also lets you pinch-and-zoom your video size, which I think is a brilliant feature as there have been countless times when the default sizes for a video have been few and far between. This handy little feature gives you 100% control of how big, clear or pixelated you want your video to be. Last but not least, the picture quality is superb and everything in the app is quick and responsive to the touch. --- Read more: Here
Learn More: Google Play
APK Link (This is the Market free version, nonetheless there is no difference between the full version, except for ads showing if your online, hence I strongly suggest that you buy this app as also a means to support the developer): Download Now

Comment Best video player available right now for any device! fully optimize for all display with great sound and video quality, strongly suggested player in viewing anime available here at Hyperion Online. for Galaxy Y video codec, kindly download ARMv6+VFP Codec (same page w/ link posted above).

Disclaimer: please refer to DCMA & Privacy if you like this app, please support the original author or developer, furthermore for any game related issue, please visit FAQ. Thank you.
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