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Mortal Skies 2 v1.1 APK

Written By Ukiya on Friday, July 13, 2012 | 7:24 AM

Mortal Skies 2 , Blast your way to freedom
1950, World War 2 never ended and German and Japanese forces have conspired to attack the free world.
On your last mission you were captured and put in a prison camp. Now it's time for payback.
Escape the prison camp and blast your way through enemy lines. Will you succeed to destroy them and finally make an end to World War 2 ?

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Comments - This game is a bit laggy as it lacks FPS (Frame-per Second) with low end QVGA device, but if you would like to play this type of game, please see Mortal Skies I, though this game runs pretty well with device that has a good GPU(Graphics processing unit) like Galaxy Mini 2.

Disclaimer: please refer to DCMA & Privacy if you like this app, please support the original author or developer, furthermore for any game related issue, please visit FAQ. Thank you.
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