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Mission Of Crisis v1.0 APK

Written By Ukiya on Sunday, July 22, 2012 | 5:50 PM

Extremely enjoyable and addictive tactical game

Matt and Angie, members of the Bad Dog Ranger, need help recovering the royal puppies from the invader’s evil clutches! Guide them as a strategic leader and destroy the mystical invader Mombies for victory.

Remember to learn super skills and upgrade the Ranger’s deadly weapons. Make full use of them to vanquish those who dare to oppose the Ranger on their noble rescue mission. Now it’s the time to eradicate injustice in this dangerous battlefield.
Be the first to capture the passion of the epic adventure and entertain you with hours of explosive fun!

- “Extremely enjoyable and addictive”- Eric
- “One of the best strategy games on Google Play ever before”- Daniel
- “Funny, violent and leaves you wanting more” – David
…… to be continued
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Comments - This is a free game from market - screen is not optimized for QVGA, but 100% playable, though you might not be able to catch the story lines due to the font compressed in QVGA display..

Disclaimer: please refer to DCMA & Privacy if you like this app, please support the original author or developer, furthermore for any game related issue, please visit FAQ. Thank you.
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