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Autostarts - control your Android startup programs

Written By Ukiya on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 | 6:29 PM

This guide is for ROOTED android phones only. We will update this content once we find an app that successfully works with stock android phones.

If you are familiar with "msconfig" for Microsoft Windows, this is where we manage different startup programs that runs on our computer. It allows us to enable and disable programs that runs automatically on our PC, basically startup programs are applications that runs itself after you started your machine, for instance, the famous programs like Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Antivirus, and more, by default they are set to run automatically. That is why after you started your computer, they will automatically run itself or they will appear on your system tray --- I am citing this as a brief introduction since Android itself is also using almost the same system, where in some applications run on its own in the background without you knowing - which results to a sluggish response from your phone if you are running low in memory or your battery drains a lot.

As a casual user, we might not realize how important is this, but if you have experience that your phone takes a lot of time to load, or once you are connected online, your phone is being spammed with different applications or push messages. Then definitely this is a concern. Hence today we will discuss about "autostarts" an app that can disable startup apps on your phone and also triggers (e.g. app that will run once internet is on - triggered by internet connection). Learn More about autostarts via Google Play (for app link a download link will also be posted at the end of this post.)

Once you have installed autostarts, autostarts is pretty straightforward to use. though we will discuss and show few screen shots on how to optimize this app. 

Screenshot glimpse to utilize autostarts:

Autostarts can be divided into two views - "group by event" and "group by application" - as a beginner, its best to start with disabling the "after startup" -  it's strongly suggested that you don't disable system startup as it might cause a problem on your phone as recommended by the developer, however we will list safe system apps to disable - disabling other apps is your own discretion and we won't be liable for any issues that might happen on your phone.

Safe apps you can disable:
  • Google Play Store
  • Maps
  • Gmail
  • Dropbox
  • Youtube
  • Samsung account
  • FM radio 
For advanced configuration in disabling triggers or apps that will run on the background, you can select "group by application" and look for the specific app, for instance as shown in the screen shots at the right side, we are totally disabling "Software update" to run on its own.

Quick Instruction Summary:
  1. Select app name
  2. Select "disable" - press okay to agree
List of third party apps that you may try to check if its installed on your phone:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Bible
  • Photoshop
  • Dropbox
  • Viber
  • Volume Plus
  • TuneIn Radio
  • SManager
  • Android Widgets (e.g. Minimalist Text, Palmary Weather Pro)
  • and many more. 
Once you have successfully disable startup apps, you may view your "running services" from android settings to see any changes. So it's also wise to disable startup apps based on running services on your android phone.

Hope this will help your phone run more smoothly and also saved more power.

APK Link: Download Here

Disclaimer: please refer to DCMA & Privacy if you like this app, please support the original author or developer, furthermore for any game related issue, please visit FAQ. Thank you
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