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Android App Installation Guide for Newbies

Written By Ukiya on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 | 4:20 PM

Today we will discuss a short guide on how to install an app or games  downloaded from your computer to your android device.

First thing that you need to do is to download an app or games available online for free (all apps and games for androids ends with an extension '.apk'), for paid apps that was shared online, we suggest that you may try it out as a demo, but if you like the app, please uninstall and buy the paid app directly to Google Play or directly to its respective developer.

Once you already have your app with you stored on your computer, kindly transfer that file to your sdcard (ways to transfer the file is either you connect your android device via USB or you may use a sdcard reader). After you have successfully transferred the file on your sdcard or phone, next thing that you should do if this is your first time to install an app from a different source is to go to "Settings", and go to "Applications", from there put a tick to "Unknown sources". - please refer to screenshot at the right side.

If "Unknown sources" has already been ticked, we can access the downloaded file on your phone using a file explorer - as a default explorer app for any android device, it has an app called "My File", we will use this app for this guide in order to navigate to your sdcard directory.

As a sample screen shot, I am going to install a Facebook app that I have downloaded online.

1. Click on the app
2. A popup window will appear on your screen - press "Install"
3. Wait til it finish
4. Enjoy your new installed application.

If you encounter an error kindly check our FAQ for more information. Enjoy and please support the developers buy buying paid apps or via donation.

Noblesse Oblige.

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